As a Social Development Agent


I am a confident and passionate Social development activist with with fourteen (14) years practical experience in communicating values and morals in youth through several innovative media I created. I always want to help everyone especially the young people around me to be aware of issues and matters around them and advise them strongly on taking the right step which will speak for the rest of their lives. I do not only speak knowledge but I show knowledge through pragmatic educational excursions and tours organised for the young generation and several other knowledge exchange events to put them on the pedestal for good choices towards making them solution-providers in their field of interest. I am always filled with enthusiasm and I have strong passion for managing and organising social development related events that will impact lives around me. I have troubleshooting expertise and am excellent at understanding and breaking down complex processes in the social sector, while I also able to identify issues and develop improvements plans.


For fourteen years and more, I have used every opportunity I find to transfer knowledge to young people around me to make them better individuals, taking a queue from my life and the negative experiences as a result of ignorance. The desire was borne out of the drive to prevent younger generation from making mistakes or taking the wrong paths in life as it may cost them more that they can imagine. Decisions made especially while one is young affects who one becomes in life. I have therefore been dedicating my life and lifestyle to alleviating ignorance and “eradicating poverty of the mind” in every way I can, including creating awareness and education on matters that are germane to youth, especially the female gender. That is aside my side experiences in pragmatic teaching, leadership, innovative design and coordination of technical activities, educational programs and events and many other forms of impact.

I designs developmental initiatives and programs for positive vibrant change in the Educational, Health, Culture, Literature & Art for Inter-cultural Unity and Charity Promotion, Youth Empowerment & Entrepreneurship, Technical & Vocational skills, Building Confidence in Youths to speak on/for issues in the media, working towards achieving the United Nations 8 Millennium Development Goals, and so on.

I have spurred so many Youths towards taking giant steps and taking responsibility towards effecting changes around them, that is why I have so many Youths Volunteering with me to fulfil the mandate of Akiode Foundation, especially through Educative initiatives such as the Regular School Assembly Talks for Students and Pupils in 45 Schools in Nigeria so far, the Career Conferences planned for Schools in all the 774 Local Governments in Nigeria having held the Conferences in 3 Local Governments so far, and 5 Conferences planned for each year, the regular Students Out-Of-Class Practical Excursion Visits, example of which was the Court Visit to under-study Court proceedings for School Students in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Other Youth Empowerment related Programs carried out frequently through the Foundation using the Trained Young People as Human resources includes the Children Panel (CP) and Youth Panel (YP), the Skills Empowerment Program for Youths and so on.

In a nutshell, the Programs of the Foundation is summarised as follows;

1.Education Help Initiative, Nigeria (EHIN)
2.Youth Poverty Eradication Programme (YPEP)
3. Community Health Improvement Programme(CHIP)
4. Divine Empowerment Programme (DEP)
5. Culture, Literature and Art Programme (CLAP)
6. Rural Library Programme (RLP)




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