Social Volunteering Roles

Secretary, Board of Trustees – Akiode Foundation, Nigeria      (Jan., 2003– Oct., 2017)

As the Secretary, Board of Trustee, the entirety of my work was basically to serve and develop my immediate community, the states, the nation, and Africa as a continent at large. The slogan of the Organisation remains “Inspiring true community spirit”. As developing nations, there were lots of mindset and physical activities that required attention for change and development. I played the role of educating citizens and Inhabitants of various communities on the importance of self-reliance, self-respect, self-confidence, self-empowerment,etc; to transform their minds thereby accumulating in gains in the physical. Also worked with school heads, teachers, parents, students and other stakeholders to revive and strengthen extra-curricular activities well-rounded approach to education. Building new relationships and strengthening existing ones between the schools and local communities. Commissioned educative art projects in schools to improve students’ creative skills and made cases for community-based programmes and managed volunteers. Some of the Projects includes;

* 2005 Organised and delivers Talk on Career Guidance, Gender-sensitivity, Self-reliance and Entrepreneurship to Students in Schools
* 2005 Organised and Coordinates Akiode Foundation (AF) and Education Help Initiative, Nigeria (EHIN)’s Programs
* 2009 Organised and Coordinates Akiode Foundation’s Annual Career Conferences for Teachers and Students 2009-till date Regular Free HIV/AIDs Tests for Students, especially the Female, to impact confidence in their HIV status.
* 2005 Organised and Coordinates Enlightenment Excursion on various ramifications of life ranging from Culture, Law, Sciences, Art, Education, Skills and so on, for Pupils and Students in both Public and Private Schools
* 2005 Organised and Coordinates Weekly training for Pupils and Students in my neighborhood on Values of Life under the Scheme I referred to as Children Panel (CP) and Youth Panel (YP)
* 2010 Organised and Coordinates regular Library Science Enlightenment Excursion to Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library for Pupils and Students in both Public and Private Schools
* 2010 Organised and Coordinates regular Law Enlightenment Excursion to Magistrate Court for Pupils and Students in both Public and Private Schools
* 2010 United Nations Millennium Development Goals Regular Training Facilitation
* 2010 Equipped and Improved the status of School Libraries, both Primary and Secondary (306+ Books supplied) Regular and Mass Computer training for the Students and the Community dwellers, sensitised Abia State and its environs on the need to “DONATE A BOOK TO THE LIBRARY TODAY”
* Program through radio Regular seminar on positive thinking, change and how to develop the community
* Sensitised my fellow Corps members on the need to be a great change maker, to help the Female amongst them rise to the occasion of taking Leadership role, during National service, in partnership with UNICEF
* Resuscitate Primary Health Care Centre window nets to reduce mosquito entry into the Patient rooms
* Sensitised the host community on “THE NEED TO ENCOURAGE READING CULTURE AND EQUIP THE LIBRARY” in partnership with UNICEF
* Organised competitions amongst the School students and Winners awarded gift
* Refurbished the host community School Library to International Standard, in partnership with Education Trust Fund
* Sensitised Students on positive attitudinal change and community development,
* Organised Quiz competition and award for Quiz winners
* Donated 50 Textbooks and almost 15 Dozens Notebooks to Students and Pupils
* Visited and donated books to Disabled students of a School
* Organised regular training of Students on Technology practical

Chief Executive Officer – Education Help Initiative, Nigeria (EHIN)  (Jan., 2003–Oct.,2017)

Initiated the ‘Education Help Initiative, Nigeria (EHIN)’, under the platform through which all issues regarding the eradication of “poverty of the mind” receives constant attention. Programs includes Regular Career Conferences, Students Enlightenment Excursions (SEE), School Assembly/Student Enlightenment Talk(SAT/SET), Children Panel, Youth Panel (CPYP), etc.

Volunteer Trainer – Intl Association for Volunteers Effort (IAVE) (Mar, 2010 – Feb 2011)

Developing the concept of Volunteering for young people within specific age group, and initiating selfless events and programs that will impact directly on the common man in the areas of health, education, art, creativity, transfer of knowledge, and awareness creation and carrying out community outreaches that directly impact on the people of the common man.