Questions I have been asked

1. What interests you about the construction industry?

Since when I became conscious of the services in buildings that makes it liveable, I don’t look happy whenever there is a spoilt, fault or damage in mechanical, electrical or furniture services within the home or office; in commercial and industrial buildings. Its not pleasant for instance to see a toilet facilities not cool, filled with bad odour extracted, or not having water running. It pisses me off, same as  the client or customer who is to use it. That motivated my drive and passion to be part of the team that will make building services perfect for customers


2. What has particularly attracted you to apply to Wates and our Management Trainee Programme?

The fact that you have reputation and of course, enough years of experience in the construction industry. Your works also speaks for you. More importantly because you find great interest in developing the minds of the young ones; what I call “Catch them young”, reducing restiveness and idleness amongst youth and empowering them at the younger age. Well done!

I want to be part of the opportunity you’re giving to the youth, and trust me, I will appreciate it.


3. Describe some of the activities you think you will be responsible for day to day in this role?

From my construction experiences, I can carry be part of the procurement and bidding processes joining your team for new projects, be part of preparing the project designs and drawings for suitable presentations to customers, I can be part of the key elements of construction, especially mechanical engineering, planning, health and safety, monitoring and evaluation of projects to commissioning.


4. Tell us about your career aspirations at Wates?

I want to get to the peak of knowledge in engineering and its management in all areas of the services at Wates. I want to be a reference point in engineering and its development in the world, and it will be interesting to be that person within the “Wates system”. I want to also be able to use the construction related innovations and ideas I have noted down for the good of Wates and the construction industry at large.


5. Of the subjects you’ve studied at school/college, what knowledge or skills do you think will help you in this role?

Mathematics, Further Mathematics, English, Physics, Technical Drawing, Geography

Mechanical Engineering with basic knowledge of Civil and Electrical engineering

Construction Project management basics