U.K Technical Volunteering Roles

1. Volunteer Site Supervisor – Fort Amherst Heritage Trust & Medway Council, Medway, Kent, U.K (Jan 2018 – till date)

  • The Trust in partnership with Medway Council is constructing a new edifice within the Historic Fort Amherst around the canal. We began the demolition of existing porta cabins, toilets, falling of trees and other works and the next stage is for the full construction works.
  • I volunteer on Saturdays for this project

As a Volunteer Construction Worker, I served multiple roles including;

  • Simple demolition of existing concrete structures
  • Shovelling the broken blocks and concretes into wheel barrow
  • Moving the wheel barrow to the disposing bins to offload the concrete blocks
  • Giving health and safety and plumbing suggestions towards the Site preparation
  • Giving suggestions on demolition of portacabins and other structures
  • Other technical support activities


Fort Amherst, Chatham UK


Volunteering as a Construction Worker during the Demolition and Site Clearing stage


Demolition and Site Clearing process volunteering as a Construction Worker


Site Demolition and Clearing ongoing


2. Volunteer Construction Worker – Medway Queen Ship Rehabilitation, Gillingham, U.K ( May 2018 – till date)

  • I volunteer as a carpenter and woodworker and welder for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Medway Queen Ship that has been existing for years now.
  • I also work with veteran Naval Officers and we relate construction wise as a form of construction meetings to proffer solution to the construction and engineering works within the scope of the ship rehabilitation.