As a Site Supervisor/Manager

      As a Site Site Engineer/Supervisor/Manager

  1. Work independently, with little or no supervision, and as a member of a (multi-disciplinary) team.
  • Most times, I represented my Senior Team Leader as the resident engineer representing Federal government on site and at the Construction Site Meetings where I have to ensure I troubleshoot situations amongst the stakeholders, finding a way forward, to help me paint accurate picture of the level of work making up for a good technical reportage back to the head office.
  1. Exhibit excellent communication, and interpersonal relationship-building skills.
  • I relate with all the Stakeholders on Construction Site in a way to ensure they understand the purpose and other values related to the delivery of the Projects.
  1. Creative and Innovative in thinking to provide solutions and ideas.
  2. Plan, prioritise, and organise my workload(s) and responsibilities efficiently, whilst responding to pressure and change, with focused attention to detail.
  1. Adopt flexible approach to work and the working environment.
  2. Research and add value to organisational awareness through stakeholders focus and networking.
  1. Show innovative leadership, where required, and be accountable for decisions made and actions taken, including responsible and creative use of resources.
  1. Demonstrate an ethical approach to problem solving and integrity in achieving valuable results.
  1. Microsoft office applications (Project, Excel, PowerPoint), AutoCAD and other professional design application amateur, Internet, bespoke applications, hardware setup, maintenance and troubleshooting (Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux Ubuntu), Typing speed (75wpm)